Saturday, June 28, 2008

Children's Book Explains Parent's Plastic Surgery

'My Beautiful Mommy' Children's Book

My Beautiful Mommy follows the fictional story of a mother who explains her "mommy makeover" (the marketing-friendly name for a tummy-tuck and breast augmentation, though the breast augmentation isn't mentioned in the book as the author felt it would confuse children) cosmetic procedure to her seven year-old daughter, telling her that mommy isn't having the surgery because she's sick, but because she wants to be even more beautiful.

It's probably a good tool to help young children understand why a parent would undergo cosmetic surgery without being physically hurt, but I still think you'll need a great deal of luck to explain your vaginal rejuvenation surgery.

I'm still waiting for the sequel to this book - My Beautiful Daddy (Gets Married to My Fabulously Wealthy Daddy in California). A boy can dream, right?

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