Sunday, June 29, 2008


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The Late Donda West's Plastic Surgeon Arrested Under Suspicion of DUI

Children's Book Explains Plastic Surgery

Pink Is The New Blog Gets A Face lift

'Lift Magic': A Software Program That Can Predict What You Would Look Like After Plastic Surgery

The Chinese Are Falling In Love With Plastic

The Doctor Is Out: Dr. Jan Adams' Medical License Is Revoked

Greeting Cards For Plastic Surgery?

Help SFP Donate 'Smiles' To Children In Need

Men's Journal Reports Incorrect Information On Hair Transplantation

Is Fat The Future Of Plastic Surgery?

Trend Watch: Could Fat Banks Be In The Near Future?

Revolutionary Idea: Save Money On Food By Not Eating

Britain's Plastic Surgery Boom

Scary, But True Life

Can A Cosmetic Procedure Cure Migraines?

Traveling Abroad For Cosmetic Surgery May Be A Bad Idea

Scottish NHS Picks-Up The Bill For Male Breast Reduction

Top 5 Bogus Cosmetic Gizmos On The Market Today

Face Lifts Not For Men, Says One Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Credit Crunch Means People Are No Longer Keen To Trade Plastic For Plastic

Fat-Dissolving Injections Possibly Dangerous And Ineffective, Say Cosmetic Surgeons

Britain, Guard Your Daughters!

Surgeons Operating On Patients With Body Dysmorphia Causing Boom In Psychiatric Cases

Cosmetic Laser Technician: A Career In Fabulousity

Artist Comments On Breast Enhancement With Barbie Dolls

Is Saline Safe?

India Loves Plastic

Injectables Manufacturers May Have Encountered A Wrinkle

Can A Doctor Make You Sign Your Rights Away

Are Bigger Boobs The Solution To Wrinkles? Two German Doctors Think So...

Do You Look Lucky? Chinese Are Seeking Plastic Surgery To Look Beautiful AND Lucky

15 Year Review Proves GORE-TEX Safe And Effective Option For Nasal Implants

Chinese Children And Teens: A Growing Percentage Of The Plastic Surgery Market

Latino Immigrants To Europe Want To Look Like Europeans

Harley Medical Group Release 'Plastic Surgery, A to Z' Pamphlet

Is Facial Exercise A Scam?

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