Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Please Help "Super-Fantastic Plastic" Donate 'Smiles' To Children In Need

Super-Fantastic Plastic Donates 'Smiles' To Children In Need With Operation Smile
Super-Fantastic Plastic is proud to announce that we are joining Operation Smile to raise money for impoverished children to acquire surgery to fix facial deformities and give them the ability to smile for the rest of their lives.

While those of us who are more fortunate have the money to make ourselves look fabulous with plastic surgery, many children around the world are shunned and humiliated due to facial deformities. In many cultures still in existence today, being born with a physical deformity is considered a sign of disfavor from their god or gods, just as it was in Medieval Europe. These children and their family may be outcasts from their villages and may suffer more hardship as a result.

Operation Smile is helping children born with cleft lips and other facial deformities by providing services from reconstructive and plastic surgeons who donate their services for this very good cause. The greatest news is that the monetary cost of one procedure to give a child a smile is a minuscule $240.

SFP asks you to donate to this very worth cause. We would also like to announce that we are about to release a line of clothing, bracelets and hats from which we will donate 10% of our profits to Operation Smile.

Thank you for your help!


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