Sunday, July 6, 2008

Revolutionary Idea: Save Money On Food By Not Eating!

Bad Ad Declares Food Money Savings With Weight Loss Surgery
The are many good reason for an obese person to consider weight loss surgery, specifically the LAP-BAND® procedure. Among those reasons are: improved health and lifespan, increased energy, lower insurance premiums and the cosmetic and social benefits of being a more ideal weight for one's frame. The LAP-BAND® procedure is not without the risk of complications; which include infection, band slippage and pain - as with any invasive surgical procedure, there is a chance of encountering a fatal complication. The decision to have weight loss surgery should involve weighing the benefits against the risks.

Needless to say, being an opponent of deceptive marketing practices in the cosmetic surgery field, I was shocked to see an ad proclaiming, "Food Costs Soar. Eat Less. Save $$$! Feel Great with LAP-BAND®!" Poor grammar and bad marketing practice aside, saving money on food through an invasive surgery is like saving money on hats by having your head removed. Saving money on food expenses is also a "benefit" of anorexia. Perhaps, by a different side of the same token, counselors should begin lecturing bulimics on the fiscal irresponsibility of their disorder?

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