Saturday, July 26, 2008

Would You Have Plastic Surgery To Look Like Someone Else?

Does everyone have a double?

In doing some research for our post about the rumors following Harman Baweja and his alleged cosmetic surgery pursuit to look like fellow Bollywood star, Hrithik Roshan, I read one article that mentioned - as if it were standard knowledge - that every person in the world has seven doubles. This sounds a bit like an urban myth (probably common in Indian culture) to me.

It does, however, raise a few interesting questions though...

1) Do you believe that you have a double somewhere on the planet?

With six billion people living on the Earth today, there are only so many genes to go around. Add that to the fact that mother nature likes to repeat herself where she was successful in the past and it only makes sense that someone, somewhere looks to be a near exact duplicate of you. This, of course, leads to other questions. For instance, what is your doppleganger 's life like compared to your own? Did they take a right turn where you took a left? It's mind-boggling.

2) Would you consider cosmetic surgery to look more like your double?

What if someone you already resemble - perhaps they are renowned for their good looks - is rich and famous? Would you consider changing your looks, via plastic surgery, to look more like them? If so, why?

I can't help but wonder, due to my resemblance to Fall Out Boy bassist, Pete Wentz, and my cosmetic alterations so far, if anyone will ever accuse me of using surgery to look more like Wentz. Of course, it's wouldn't be a fair accusation. I'd rather use cosmetic surgery to make myself match the ideal that I have in mind, rather than look younger, or like someone else. Still, it's not outside the range of possibilities.

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