Friday, July 18, 2008

Who's Your Hollywood Plastic Surgery Hero?

Hollywood has always been singled-out as a haven for the 'plastic', but it's only been rather recently that stars have been open and honest about cosmetic surgery. Of course, SFP believes that total honesty is the only way to go - if only for the reason that it will give you a great deal of leverage against a surgeon that over-promises and under-performs.

With that in mind, we're asking for your opinion. Who in Hollywood is your plastic surgery hero?

#1. Kathy Griffin

The spunky redheaded comedian first had liposuction in 1999 and suffered "near fatal" complications. For four years after that, she continually spoke out against plastic surgery. Later, however, she had a change of heart and a litany of cosmetic procedures, including: LASIK eye surgery, a brow lift, a chemical peel, veneers, chemical hair straightening and even more liposuction.

Kathy's had a lot of work done, but after her first slip-up, she started making more informed decisions about her cosmetic surgery and looks fabulous! She also made a great decision in coming forward and being honest about what she had done. For her honesty, Kathy deserves the possibility to be your 'Plastic Surgery Hero'.

#2. John Schneider

The ex-Dukes of Hazard star, who recently left Superman in Smallville, Schneider (47) spoke openly to Extra about his tummy liposuction.
“I did 1000 sit-ups and nothing was happening. I went the liposuction route a couple years ago. The results were great! It hurt like hell!”
We applaud John and offer him as a possibility for 'Plastic Surgery Hero'.

#3. Corey "Mouth" Feldman

Okay, so we poked a little fun at Corey earlier in our post, "Mouth" Goes Plastic. Still, it was brave of Corey to admit he had liposuction. It was even braver to admit it was spurred on by his wife's results from breast enhancement. So, is "Mouth" your 'Plastic Surgery Hero'?

#4. Sharon Osbourne

Wife of rocker, Ozzy Osbourne, Sharon's plastic surgery journey began after dealing with the sagging skin from her previous gastric bypass (stomach stapling). Sharon's had a face and brow lift, breast augmentation, liposuction to her neck and arms, breast lift and tummy tuck, as well as other body-contouring procedures.

In 2007, Sharon said that she was "too old" and her body was "too tired" to have any more plastic surgery, but she's later said she wouldn't rule out the option to do it all again "if things start to sag". Sharon looks terrific and was open with the public about all of her procedures and medical events. For all of that, we would like you to consider Sharon as your 'Hollywood Plastic Surgery Hero'.

#5. Brigitte Nielsen

The six-foot tall, blonde Danish actress has recently appeared on German television to undertake a host of procedures - liposuction, a face lift, a breast reduction, etc. We give Nielsen tons of brownie points for questioning why Hollywood is not more forthcoming with their plastic secrets, although we have to deduct almost all of those points for her erroneous belief that plastic surgery can resurrect her (or anyone else's) career.

#6. Virginia Madsen

Virgina Madsen already has our vote for 'Plastic Surgery Hero' for her "Freedom of Expression" campaign to open a dialog about cosmetic procedures and help end the stigma for those of us who choose to go under the knife. The lovely Ms. Madsen shares our belief that the decision to have plastic surgery is not a moral one and should be considered an adult choice to improve one's outward appears so that it more closely matches our inner desire for what we present to the world.

She has our vote, but who will get yours?

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