Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sculpting A New You - The Race Is On To Develop Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Procedures With Big Results

More People Are Searching For Non-Surgical Means Of Cosmetic Enhancement
The call for cosmetic procedures that offer rapid results from minimally invasive procedures is strong and it appears that medical science is able to offer more procedures that don't require you going under the knife.


Sculptra is an injectable material used as a dermal filler, wrinkle reducer and collagen stimulator. It's FDA approved to treat lipotrophy, a condition in which fat is lost in localized areas by those advanced in age or suffering from illness - HIV positive patients may develop it from antiretroviral drug treatment, diabetics from injection of insulin and multiple sclerosis patients from injections of glatiramer. The substance is also used in treating the apperance of aging hands.

Sculptra costs about $200 per syringe and most patients will need anywhere between three and six syringes, depending upon how much the patient has aged or their personal level of lipotrophy. Treatment is once a month, every four weeks for a series of three to five times. Sculptra is one of the longest lasting dermal fillers with results lasting anywhere from two to three years. The risks of Sculptra treatment includes development of tiny bumps around the mouth or eyes, swelling, bruising, tenderness and or pain.

Titan Laser Treatments

Another minimally invasive procedure that can leave you looking younger is treatment with a Titan laser. As the phonetics of its name implies, the Titan laser treatment tightens skin. It heats up collagen in the skin, tricking the body into believing it's injured and it responds by producing more collagen and replacing dead and ailing tissues. The Titan laser can even be used to tighten abdominal skin as an alternative to a tummy tuck for new mothers. At lease three treatments are required to see results and each treatment can cost between $600 and $1,200 dollars.

As the cosmetic surgery boom continues around the world, the need for less invasive and yet, effective plastic surgery options will continue to grow.

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