Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mommy Looks Like A Million Bucks, But She Only Spent $25,000

A Picture From brings viewers a new take on a mom explaining plastic surgery to her children. When psychologist, Dr. Pamela Varady decided to to have a face lift, her two 10 year-old twin boys were torn over the issue. One twin was alright with his mother having the procedure, but the other boy was nervous and upset. allows viewers to see how Dr. Varaday explains the situation to her boys and documents their thoughts before and after the process.

You look wonderful, Pamela and good for you for having an rational conversation with your boys. Although some readers call Dr. Varaday "selfish" and say the surgery was "unnecessary", SFP supports Dr. Varaday in her decision to have plastic surgery and to discuss her rationale with her children before and after the surgery.

The picture above is taken from the book, My Beautiful Mommy.

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