Saturday, July 19, 2008

John McCain May Have A New Couple 'O Boobs To Play With

Has Cindy McCain Had Breast Implants?Since I first ran my speculation post on whether John McCain needs plastic surgery to beat Obama's youthful image, I was bombarded with Googlers wanting to know about Cindy McCain's plastic surgery and I decided to bring the question to our readers here at SFP. The story was so successful, it was all but copied by other, larger websites a week later.

Well, I've noticed another burning question filling up your minds and Google's search banks: Does Cindy McCain have breast implants?

A quick search reveals some of these questions. One Yahoo! Answers user asks, "Does Cindy McCain, wife of presidential candidate John McCain have breast implants?" The answer to this question voted 'best' by Yahoo! Answers users says, "They might be old implants. It looks like she's had some work done on her face. In a society that holds looks with high importance, it wouldn't surprise me if she did."

One commenter on an online biography of Cindy claims to have known her and confirms she has breast implants saying, "I grew up whith [sic] Cindy Hensley McCain. She is truely a rich kid who grew into drug addiction and breast implants."
Cindy McCain's Breasts Reappear - Possible Implants?
It's nearly impossible to find old photos of Mrs. McCain on the net and what few I found obstruct her bust (was she self-conscious about it?) From what I have seen, however, her chest does appeared to inflate a bit, but it's an off-again/on-again thing even now - they disappear in some photos and reappear in others. This leads me to believe she's actually wearing a bra to emphasize her breasts (like a push-up bra or water-bra). If she does have breast implants, they must be rather conservative (no pun intended.)

Now, anybody want to make any bets on how long it'll be before another site snatches this story away and gives us no credit?


Anonymous said...

It's obvious Cindy McCain has implants but I think they suit her body type well and look very nice.

Anonymous said...

They felt fake to me.

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