Saturday, July 5, 2008

Setting The Record Straight... uhmm... Right

I know this is going to sound a little counter-intuitive, but I need to let everyone know that, just like cosmetic surgery, this blog isn't for everyone. If you feel that it's somehow immoral to alter your own body with cosmetic surgery, then you should not read this blog. Don't misunderstand, you are entitled to your opinion. Although I and millions of others around the world disagree with you, you have the right to say whatever it is that you wish and I support you in exercising that freedom.

I do need to state that I believe that the attitude that there's something spiritually wrong with someone who has cosmetic surgery is shallow and illogical. I can't tell you how much I despise claims of moral superiority based on something from which one abstains. The decision to have a cosmetic procedure is a personal one. I would think that those of us out their claiming to be spiritual betters would realize that, no matter what you change on the outside, you're still the same person inside.

I make mention of celebrities on this blog to open a dialog with the public at large. The reason so many people become victims of bad plastic surgery is that the entire practice is generally secretive. Those that make the decision to alter their own bodies often feel that they must hide the fact from fear of discrimination. I applaud those in the public eye that choose to come forward with their plastic surgery stories (Kathy Griffin, Sharon Osborne, Vanessa Williams etc.) and I'll continue to post speculation as to whether other stars have had cosmetic procedures. Speculating as to whether or not someone has had a cosmetic procedure is not a slur against them.

I have recently received several comments about my post, Is The 'Coop' Sweet On Plastic Surgery. Let me first address the issue on the promo picture that I placed at the top of the article... I place photographs and other graphics at the top of my posts for aesthetic purposes only. They are meant to draw the eye and grab the reader's attention. They're not offered as evidence of a cosmetic procedure, mainly because I am not a plastic surgeon and not qualified to make such an examination.

It was brought to my attention that the Cooper promo photo could be considered a before and after shot - neither photo is labeled 'before', nor 'after', mind you. This is not the case and it should be said that the photo of Mr. Cooper on the left (sans tie) is an earlier photo than the one on the right (I have since added this statement and a disclaimer about the photo being for promotional purposes only). I do apologize if anyone has mistaken this graphic for photographic evidence of Mr. Cooper having a cosmetic procedure, however, the article posted with the photo involves rumors of Anderson Cooper's plastic surgery and an analysis of that speculation, not a direct examination of any photographic evidence.

I must say, I do find these little rants that Cooper fans are going on about to be a little ridiculous. Observing that this picture is not representative of the rumors of Mr. Cooper's plastic surgery is, to me, a little like pointing out in my article, Plastic Is American, that the American flag doesn't have a disco ball, or two shades of lavender bars. It's like alluding to my article, Has Mr. Ashlee Simpson Had Cosmetic Surgery?, and commenting that women don't actually give birth to disco balls - although, wouldn't it be fabulous if they did?

Still, I suppose I'd be getting the same response should I post on the rumors that Anderson Cooper is gay - he's even been listed as one of OUT magazine's most influential gays and lesbians despite not being officially out. Questioning whether someone is gay or not is not a barb against their character. Any yet, had I alluded to any of that gossip in my post, I am certain I would have received comments to the affect of - he's not gay, he's [insert illogical and possibly homophobic argument here].

The moral of the story is this: plastic is fantastic! Almost as fantastic as our readers. If you don't think so, find Rush Limbaugh's blog.

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