Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dr. Death Goes On The Run

French anesthetist, Dr. Michel Maure (pronounced mort in French, which - fittingly - means death) was convicted in France of mutilating over 96 people in his unlicensed clinic where he claimed to be "one of the great aesthetic surgeons of the world". It's a rather ironic statement, as Maure was not a surgeon by training and not even qualified to surgically remove a mole.

Maure's was accused of bumbling his way through breast augmentation, face lifts, liposuction and rhinoplasty. He was charged with aggravated fraud and involuntary wounding (not sure how they managed the "involuntary" part, as he received money for his botched operations and clearly had no idea what he was doing), but he's since disappeared from the coast of Spain on his 18-meter yacht after failing to make bail before the completion of the sentencing.
A breast augmentation patient of the doctor's testified, "The operation was a total failure. Not only was it painful, he sowed me up raw and I saw bits of flesh on the table which were meant to correspond to my left breast. Doctors I've seen since then have told me the damage was so important it could not be repaired."
A European arrest warrant was issued last Friday for the 59 year-old quack, who fled with his wife and their two young children, as well as his teenage daughter from a previous relationship.

(Source: UK Times Online)

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