Thursday, July 24, 2008

Koena Mitra: Bollywood Plastic No-No

In continuation of our Bollywood-themed plastic surgery news day, I bring you Koena Mitra. Even if you haven't heard of her, from the photos (right is the before picture, left the after), you can tell she's basically purchased a new face. Koena has lost all of her outward ethnic identity and her left nostril is collapsing - obviously the result of a bad nose job. Her lips have also lost their natural shape due to cosmetic alteration.

Of course, as this blog mentions time and again, money and fame do not necessarily equal good decision making skills. Another often uttered piece of plastic surgery advice: plastic surgery, like cosmetics, is best when it is applied subtly - if you do it right, no one should be able to tell you've done anything. I'm sorry, but Koena has failed in that regard.

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Anonymous said...

she really looked prettier before..what went wrong with her

Anonymous said...

feeling sory for her

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