Monday, July 7, 2008

"Mouth" Goes Plastic

I don't know - or care - which one of the Two Coreys is the "Feld-dog" and which the "Haimster", but one of them (pictured above) has recently undergone liposuction.

After becoming envious of his wife's transformation with breast augmentation, Corey decided to take the plunge and jump right in. I hope he looks fabulous. Plastic is fantastic, but it's not magic - it can't raise the dead; in this case, both Coreys' careers are DOA.

If he was looking for a career boost, his wife should have had the lipo and he should have taken the boob job. Then he could get married to the other Corey! But wait... le sigh... there's already been a pregnant "man" on Oprah, so it just might be old news.

Good luck, Corey... which ever one you are.

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mb0072 said...

Who cares if Corey got liposuction?? I mean afterall, we live in Los Angeles and under the scrunity of the media all the time. He looks like a good looking guy, and his wife is absolutely gorgeous. I read that Hoefflin did the breasts and she's coming up in Playboy. My suggestion is keep your eyes open!

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