Monday, July 7, 2008

Can Plastic Make "A Barbie Doll" And A German Media Darling Out Of Brigitte Nielsen

Faded 44 year-old... uhmmm... we'll go with actress, Brigitte Nielsen, was an eighties icon for her six-foot one, platinum blonde looks. She "starred" in films like Beverly Hills Cop II, Red Sonja and Rocky IV.

Nielsen has recently appeared on German television to have four cosmetic surgical procedures in an attempt to capture viewers and recapture her faded glory. The four-part series has already premiered last night on the German network RTL. In the first part, Brigitte is documented having liposuction. The next three parts of the series will document Nielsen having a face lift and a reduction to her already implanted chest.

The series has already attracted mobs of critics with complaints about the perceived degradation of older women, a group of women from the CDU party saying in a letter to the head of RTL that the show reduced Nielsen to "building in need of a retrofit." Although most protesters are complaining that the show is offensive, I'm betting a few of them are complaining just because it plain sucks.

Before her surgery, Nielsen traveled to America with her Italian boyfriend to have a Tarot card consultation alongside none other than Mrs. Death-Warmed-Over-America, ex-mother-in-law, Jackie Stallone. Well, I mean who else would you consult with about plastic surgery that's bound to be a bad idea in the future? Michael Jackson, perhaps? Speaking of which, doesn't Jackie look a little like Latoya after being locked in a sauna for about a decade?

"I want to look 30 again," says Brigitte. Yeah? Well, I want the entire Italian soccer team to marry me, but I don't think that's gonna happen anytime soon either.

Check-out Part II for a clip from the German broadcast of Nielsen's surgery.

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