Friday, July 11, 2008

Smartlipo MPX™ Can Help You Bring 'Sexy Back' In Record Time With Less Pain And Swelling Than Traditional Lipo

Smartlipo MPX™ Can Help You 'Bring Sexy Back'
Not long ago, SFP brought our readers information on VASER high-definition liposuction and how it changes what's possible with lipo - before, patients would be thinner with conventional liposuction, but they still wouldn't have immediate access to the six-pack abs and other ripped muscles that they desired.

Other limitations of traditional liposuction include its inability to tighten the skin from the places where it removes fat and pain, swelling and bruising - if you've ever seen a traditional tumescent liposuction procedure, you'd know the the surgeon must pound the cannula (the fat suction device) repeatedly underneath the skin. It's no wonder that most liposuction patients wake up from the surgery feeling like they've been hit my a truck!

Now, however, there is a new procedure in liposuction that offers patients a rapid recovery time, minimal pain and swelling, tighter skin as the fat is sucked away and doesn't even require stitches. The procedure is called Smartlipo MPX™. Smartlipo MPX™ utilizes two different laser wavelengths. The 1064 wavelength melts fat and provides heat which tightens skin. The 1320 wavelength heats water in the tissues while melting some fat. The procedure is extremely safe, as the lasers turn off within two-tenths of a second after the surgeon stops all motion on the handpiece.

The surgery requires only two millimeter incisions to insert the laser and suction device into the areas to be treated, so they require no stitches. The procedure only requires local anesthesia and the patient is awake during the operation. Due to the minimal swelling and bruising, the patient can recover rapidly - patients often need only a few hours to feel fine and a day or two to fully recover.

"Ideal candidates for the SmartLipo MPX™ are men and women from every walk of life who want the convenience of fat removal in a physician's office. If the patient arrives at 8 a.m., he or she can usually undergo the procedure and leave at noon feeling fine," says Dr. Millard of Millard Plastic Surgery Center of Lone Tree, CO - the only center in Colorado to currently offer Smartlipo MPX™.

Typical costs for smart lipo are in the $5000 to $6,000 dollar range. The large majority of patients polled online (77%) say the surgery is well worth the cost.

You just may want to make and appointment with Dr. Millard if you want to bring your sexy back!

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