Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Material Brother Says Madge Had A Face Lift

Madonna's Long Denied Any Cosmetic Surgery, But Her Brother Confirms She's Had A Face Lift
Sharks gorge themselves on their siblings to gain strength so they can make it in the big ocean. Someone should check Chis Ciccone's DNA for some shark strains.

Ciccone lashes out at his infinitely more talented sister in his 'tell all' book, spilling the beans on Madonna having a face lift. Although Chris says she's only had one, bloggers have accused the 'material girl' of "madamism": the slang term for someone who begins to look like a puppet after too many face lifts. The 'Queen of Pop' has long denied the accusations, telling questioners that her beauty secrets only include yoga, vitamins, and water and not plastic surgery.

All that aside, how sad is it that Chris Ciccone felt the need to write a "memoir" mostly about someone else.

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