Monday, July 28, 2008

Is Facial Exercise A Scam?

Some of us are afraid to go under the knife to look young and fresh-faced. Some of us don't have the money for a face-firming medical procedure and for some, it's a combination of the two.

For years, people have been preaching the alleged benefits of so-called facial exercise to get rid of eye bags, wrinkles, and frown lines while tightening sagging skin. You may be familiar with photos of men and women looking highly constipated, practicing the "exercises" from different popular systems.

The young man on the left claims to have been doing facial exercises for close to ten years and is happy with "the result". He was featured in a facial exercise book for men written by the reigning queen of facial exercise herself, Carol Maggio.

SFP is not convinced, however, that this young man (his name appears to be Mateo) has not had cosmetic surgery to reap the results he claims to have garnered from facial exercise alone. It looks to me like he has almost certainly had a brow lift and a chin implant. He's also lost weight, though he claims to have gained. In addition, it looks like he's had double blepharoplasty to remove the hooding over his eyes and the bags beneath.

So, is facial exercise able to tighten and tone skin, erase wrinkles and widen your eyes? The majority of dermatologist and plastic surgeons say no. Part of the cause of sagging skin is collagen loss, which is caused by general aging and advanced by environmental conditions like UV exposure, smoke, and pollution damage. According to dermatologists, there's no way facial exercise can prompt collagen renewal - you need a peel (chemical or laser) to do that. And those lines and wrinkles around the forehead, nose and mouth? Well, it was movement that caused those in the first place! More movement, even through "exercise", is bound to bring about deeper lines and perhaps even more fine lines and wrinkles than you had to begin with.

Does facial exercise work? Dermatologists and plastic surgeons reply with a resounding 'no'. It's more likely that someone will slap you on the back while your making that ridiculous face and you'll be stuck like that forever.

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Anonymous said...

"Does facial exercise work? Dermatologists and plastic surgeons reply with a resounding 'no'."
If bodybuilding works for your muscles, facial exercises work for your face ;-)

Anonymous said...

I can tell you Facial Exercise absolutely works.The skin on your' face is the only skin on your' body which is attached to the muscle.You are tightening and firming the miscles in your' face which pick up and tighten and tone your' face.I have done it on and off for years and the results are dramatic.It's scientific.Why would anybody doubt it?

M.W.Rosado said...

The Doctors want your MONEY!!!!! They would always say NO to their convenience.... Of course I agree that in certain circumstances we do need them...but if you are a healthy person....and do you have the time to work everyday with your face faithfully, the results are waiting for you...I have the experience...and I totally believe in facial exercises, every day I see better and new result to my happiness...I don't spend a lot of money... I don't even have a book and I invented some of my own...I know my facial muscles...

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