Friday, July 4, 2008

Is The 'Coop' Sweet On Plastic?

(Note: The above image is posted for promotional purposes only, it is not to be confused with photographic evidence of any cosmetic procedure allegedly had by Anderson Cooper.)

Recent rumors are circulating that perpetually youthful journalist Anderson Cooper has had some work done, specifically to his under eyes (blepharoplasty).

Last year on Late Night With Conan O'Brien, the newsman drew attention to a fatty deposit under one of his eyes. Later, it absence was noticed in a photo by Just Jared at an advanced screening of Planet In Peril.

As with many of today's modern plastic surgery procedures; if done properly, blepharoplasty is virtually undetectable. Also, many celebrities use expensive cosmetics to hide imperfections (and scars) - a growing number of male celebrities in the public eye have taken up the practice of wearing expensive concealers... Concealers can hide a multitude of sins, but one thing they are not so good at is hiding the excess layers of skin and fat that can build around the eyes, which is very common with Caucasians and seems to have been an issue with Anderson Cooper's eyes. Suddenly, his eye-baggage has become a thing of the past.

There may also be some legitimacy to the scuttlebutt, however, in the fact that Mr. Cooper has written in his own CNN blog (as reported by the Hot Mamma Gossip blog), on March 19th, that he had a scar under his left eye from the removal of skin cancer. Now, I just want to state unequivocally that skin cancer is a serious matter. People can and do develop cancerous tumors on their faces. So it is completely possible that Mr. Cooper did indeed have a growth removed from under his eyelid (and perhaps this was the fatty deposit). On the other hand, many people - celebrities and otherwise - concoct stories to explain the scars and complications of surgery. It's also not out of the ordinary for a surgeon to remove a growth in the process of performing a cosmetic surgery, or for the patient to request reshaping of the area to avoid possible disfigurement from the removal of the growth. It is also not unknown for a patient to have both eyes done in the process for symmetry.

The "Silver Fox's" silver may also have had some surgical help - some have wondered whether or not the 'Coop' has had a hair transplant. Once again, with major advancement in the field of hair restoration, it's difficult to tell whether or not someone has had a hair transplant if there is not clear evidence - i.e.: someone who is clearly balding showing up one day with a full head of hair (a la Steve Carell or Matthew McConaughey). There is something about Mr. Cooper's hairline that looks very patterned, though a little thin on the right side. So, I guess that the answer to both questions here are possibly maybe.

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Anonymous said...

The photo on the right (without the tie) is an old pic that was taken around 2003 and the photo on the left was taken in December 2007. I don't think he's had any cosmetic surgery. He was on Conan O'Brien's show and talked about his fatty deposits, his mom wanted him to have something done, but he decided against it.

Shaun Industry said...

Aha, but... if you go to
you'll see that Jared notices something on the cameras - Anderson's "fatty deposit" is gone.

Also, heres a pic of him at Radio City Music Hall in 2008 missing the bags around both eyes:

I think the debate is still on with this one...

Anonymous said...

He is on live TV every night, so anyone who watches knows he didn't have bags under his eyes. It's just the way he's holding his face in that photo - his eyes are half closed and sort of screwed up as he smiles.

The scar was down on his cheek, not at all close to where the fatty deposit was. The fatty deposit was in his lower eye lid and not at all normally visible. He had to make an effort to make it pop out so Conan's audience could see it even when the camera was in extreme close up on the spot.

The other poster is right that the photo on the right is years old.

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