Wednesday, July 23, 2008

GORE-TEX, Not Just For Winter Coats Anymore...

After an extensive 17 year study of over 500 patients in Canada, GORE-TEX implants for rhinoplasty (nose jobs) appear to be a safe, inexpensive and remarkably effective replacement for tissue grafts from other parts of the patient’s body.

"GORE-TEX should be strongly considered for major and minor corrections of the nasal wall and bridge in properly selected patients," Dr. Krzysztof Conrad of the University of Toronto advices.

The implants “showed remarkable stability and tissue tolerance.” Complications that necessitated implant removal occurred only in 1.9% of patients and included infection, swelling, or the implant moved or was dislodged.

"The unlimited supply and natural feel of the GORE-TEX implant outweigh the disadvantage of occasional complications, all of which can be treated successfully as long as they are not neglected," say the authors of the review.

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