Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sarah-Jessica Parker's Been Molenapped!

Sarah-Jessica Parker's Been Molenapped!
Sex and the City
star, Sarah-Jessica Parker's mole has reportedly been taken. The mole was last seen wearing a little beige cover and some mineral make-up.

SFP now brings you the exclusive ransom note that arrived at the Parker-Broderick house Monday evening:
"We have your mole. It is being treated well and seems in high spirits. If you ever wish to see your mole again, you will pay us $1,000,000 immediately. If you do not comply, we will sell it to the producers of Celebrity Mole and you will never see it face-to-mole again!"
Our hearts are, of course, with Sarah-Jessica Parker's mole at this time. We're hoping that Cindy Crawford's keeping an eye out for her little beauty mark.

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