Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Nose Knows (Part Tre): Alice Cooper Banned From Nose Job

Rock god, Alice Cooper, says he won't go under the knife.

The 60 year-old star reports he's afraid of surgery and has an image to maintain:

"I'll never go under the knife. I'm needle-phobic so plastic surgery is not for me. I'm not trying to look like Brad Pitt. Alice Cooper needs to look like Alice Cooper."

You know, he's 100% right. Could you imagine if Alice Cooper had a nose job and ended-up looking like Jennifer Gray? Jennifer Gray In Chains - doesn't really work, does it? Or worse, he could end-up like Soleil Moon Frye; he'd be hot and still no one would know - or care - who he is.

Cooper says he once contemplated a nose job, but was banned by his wife.

"I threatened to get my nose fixed once and my wife screamed, 'You must never do that! That nose has a lot of history!'"

She's really right, you know? Who knows where that nose has been?

(Link Source: Showbiz Spy)

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