Sunday, July 20, 2008

Kim Cattrall Knows A Bandwagon When She Sees One

Kim Cattrall Joins The Botox-Bashing Bandwagon
Apparently believing it insufficient to have bashed cosmetic surgery before it became popular due to the tirades of Meryl Streep, Kim Cattrall (51) of Sex and the City fame reiterates her anti-surgery stance from earlier this year to the UK's Daily Express.

‘I don’t think I’d try plastic surgery. I’d be too frightened I’d end up not looking like myself. I don’t want to look in the mirror and see The Joker from Batman staring back at me!’

Cattrall continues to express her opinion, stating that she "had a great time" in her youth, but has "no desire" to look as though she's in her twenties.

Firstly, everyone that opts for plastic surgery should know that it's best when used subtly and when reshaping or refining a certain feature or two; it shouldn't be used as an attempt to step back in time - that approach never turns out well. Secondly, would actresses please stop decrying one trend by signing up for another? Will we ever see an end to the over-forty Hollywood crowd's latest Botox boycott now that Meryl's got the ball rolling?

Whatever, Kim. Just keep an eye on that mole! You don't want it molenapped like your costar, Sarah-Jessica's.

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