Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Loose Is Out In Fashion And Faces, Proves Tonight's 'Project Runway'

So, we've already talked trash about oompa loompa, Blayne Walsh (P.S. - Blayne, honey, orange and purple don't match... lose the hoodie), but now it's time to take on one of the judges. Well, a guest judge, anyway.

Tonight's Project Runway led perfectly into Shear Genius and its plastic surgery parade (New and Improved With Kate Jackson). The guest judge on Runway tonight was none other than, comedienne Sandra Bernhardt. What she knows about fashion, other than the contents of Madonna's cone-shaped bra, I have no idea, but she should have stuck around for tonight's Shear - she might have learned something from Jaclyn Smith and Kate Jackson who both look fantastic, just entering their 60's and they look as if they've chosen their cosmetic procedures wisely. Then again, she'd probably shun them to pin back her cheeks with Kim Vo, so...

Poor Sandra probably had a few choice four-letter words for her plastic surgeon after she saw her that her eyes have begun to creep toward her ears. But hey, now she has 180 degree vision, so that's a plus.

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Anonymous said...

What the hell? Why not get that enormous honker done & fix the teeth? the wrinkles are the least of her problems

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