Thursday, July 10, 2008

Methinks The Ladies Doth Protest Too Much: Celebrities Bashing Botox May Be Hiding Their Own Plastic

Celebrity Plastic Surgery Bashers May Be Hypocrites, Say Bloggers
Publicly bashing cosmetic surgery is en vogue - Anna Kournikova being the most recent female celebrity to hop on the bandwagon, as reported by the OC Register. But bloggers and gossip hounds are questioning whether the fabulous ladies decrying plastic are not doing so to hide their own plastic pasts.
was the first to throw down the gauntlet against Heidi Klum, believing her hypocritical for slandering plastic surgery because of her alleged breast implants. Later, Julianne More joined the cavalcade of stars to dump on Botox in Britain's Observer, but implies they doubt her anti-plastic stance is sincere. Donna Mills also threw a few barbs at cosmetic surgery enthusiasts in OK! Magazine, but readers protested that Donna, 67, looks like she's already undertaken the "overhaul" she's publicly denounced. Even Meryl Streep has some people questioning if her tirade-to-launch-a-thousand-tirades against cosmetic surgery isn't hypocritical.

While Super-Fantastic Plastic understands that the decision to have (or not to have) plastic surgery is a mater of personal choice, we discourage anyone from joining trends - even this new Botox-bashing trend. Trends, whether in plastic surgery or personal philosophy usually just end-up, eventually, making their followers look foolish and dated. We advocate making up your own mind and making an educated decision on whether or not cosmetic surgery is right for you.

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