Friday, July 18, 2008

Did 'Project Runway' Cast An Oompa Loompa For Season 5?

Is Blayne Walsh From Project Runway Season 5 An Oompa Loompa?
Season 5 of Project Runway, the last season on Bravo before the show moves to Lifetime, brings us a whole new cast of the interesting and the just plain bizarre in terms of designer talent.

This season's premier brings us Blayne, a twenty-three year-old designer from Washington state. Okay, so maybe tanning isn't exactly 'plastic', but it is a cosmetic procedure and if you over do it, you could end-up needing some serious cosmetic work - as is the case with Blayne. At only twenty-three, Blayne's skin already has a leathery look and it's practically orange! I've seen luggage with a more natural skin tone.

Tanorexics beware: your skin'll begin to loose collagen and become unable to hold moisture with excessive sun exposure. This will cause fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, sun spots, give you a leathery look and, of course, may lead to skin cancer. There are three types of skin cancer and all are exacerbated by exposure to UV light.

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