Tuesday, July 15, 2008

'Shear Genius' Cast May Be Fans Of Other Sharp Implements

Jaclyn Smith, 60, host of the Bravo Project Runway spin-off involving hairstylists, Shear Genius, is being accused by TMZ of possibly having plastic surgery to maintain her timeless beauty. Truly, Ms. Smith appears to have barely aged a day since thirty. If Jaclyn is a fan of cosmetic procedures, she's made her decisions well in that department... She's still an 'angel'!

But Jaclyn isn't the only one who may have had some work done, as one of the panel judges, Kim Vo, seems to have had a major surgical overhaul. Vo, who is Vietnamese, appears to have had serious lip enhancement, a double blepharoplasty to enhance the curvature of his eyes and perhaps a face lift. From the look of his smooth and almost white skin, he's probably had a chemical peel and laser resurfacing. Kim has made it to the Hall Of Shame that is Awful Plastic Surgery. It's unfortunate that Mr. Vo has lost almost all of his outward ethnic identity due to excessive plastic surgery.

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