Friday, July 11, 2008

Cindy McCain's Frozen Face May Be Hiding More Than Insincerity, Think Detractors

Cindy McCain And Patsy Stone (of (About the picture: I can't be the only one that thinks they look alike.)

Is it just me, or are all the catty plastic surgery gossip sites avoiding Cindy McCain as a topic of speculation? I mean, has anyone ever seen her forehead move? Of course, it is our policy not to toss out accusations, but it seems like bloggers and celebrity plastic surgery sites should be inquiring, no? Is every other blogger just afraid? Well, whatever it is, SFP is not timid about asking our readers what they think.

Although major plastic surgery speculations sites like Make Me Heal are avoiding the discussion, talk isn't absent on the web...

One Yahoo! Answers user asks, "Why did Cindy McCain let herself get such bizarre plastic surgery?" Another user asks "Do you think Cindy McCain has had too much plastic surgery?"
"She looks like a mannequin with a very tight enhanced lips grin," a commenter responds to the latter question (this poster's answer was selected as the best for this question).
She must have had something done to her forehead, because it NEVER moves. Also, her brow is rather severe - a brow lift, perhaps? Other bloggers have commented on Nicole Kidman's "Botox brow" (courtesy of Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery blog). Personally, I think Cindy McCain's got the same thing goin' on. Of course, this is all just one blogger's personal, non-medical opinion. What do you think?

All of that aside, I loved her apparence on Doctor Who:

I can't believe Madonna tried to top her by appearing as The Face of Boe(tox).

Update (July 19th, 2008): Please see our follow-up post to a question buzzing around search engines: Does Cindy McCain have breast implants?

Update (September 5th, 2008):
Please see another follow-up post on the renewed interest of Cindy McCain's plastic surgery slip-ups after the Borg Queen gave her disastrous introductory speech for her husband while attempting (agonizingly) to mimic normal human facial movements.


Anonymous said...

She had to much plastic work done..Looks so dam fake.

Anonymous said...

Oh shoot, here we go, we're gonna have another Michael Jackson in the WH. Joan Rivers+Cher=Cindy Mccain. Psst..Cindy your roots are showing. But we forgive ya, daddy Mccain will be on to wife #4 (who was that intern he was hanging around this past summer-aides forced him to dump her) if you don't look young(ish).

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