Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kathy Griffin Says, 'Suck It' To Plastic Surgery... Again

I'm sorry Kathy, I love you, but make up your mind already! I swear to God, you change your opinion more times than an upstate New York WASP loses her virginity.

After almost dying from complications due to liposuction, the 47-year-old comedienne swore off plastic surgery and warned others away as well. Later, she had a change of heart (and face) and ended-up on Oprah, telling O that she basically just had to find the right doctors and that she was now happy with her decision.

Well, this little red-headed, Irish merry-go-round has come full circle and Kathy is once again bashing cosmetic surgery.

The D-list star tells Fitness magazine in their September issue, "I’ve been off the junk, as I call it, for five years. I’ve had face lift, eye job and all that stuff five years ago. It didn’t get me happier or didn’t make me look particularly younger."

First off, I don't know, I think you look a lot better after some well-thought and terrifically performed cosmetic alteration, Kathy. Certainly, despite your protest, you wouldn't have that bangin' body without liposuction. And your face was elongated before and wouldn't have aged well, sweetie. Not to mention, it may just be coincidence, but you didn't really have a big career before the surgery. Before, you were on the D-list and now your the queen bee of D-lebrity.

Oh, Kathy... Kathy, Kathy, Kathy... Come have a seat by me, dear. I know you love trends, but this rollercoster ride must stop. Look, it just makes me sick to think of how many people say, I thought plastic surgery would make me happy, or I want plastic surgery to look younger. Oh, and of course, they all proclaim no one told them that all of those rationales are the wrong reasons to undertake cosmetic surgery. I've said it time-and-again, plastic surgery will not give you self-esteem, it won't make you any younger, it can't reanimate a dead career, and if you choose your surgeon or the procedure you wish to have lightly, then you may end-up a zombifyed, tattered husk of person for the rest of your life. But you know what? People only hear what they want to hear, dear.

It's alright, Kathy. I still think you're fabulous. And, I think you made the right decisions as far as plastic surgery goes. I also think you're right for having a stopping point - a point I've pushed in this blog over and over: you have to know when to say enough is enough.

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