Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Possible Chin Implant Has Heidi Looking Horsey

Has Heidi Montag had a chin implant? She's finally admitted to rhinoplasty and breast implants, but has she recently had a chin implant? Her jutting jaw seems to scream affirmatively, yes.

There are rumors that she has recently had her ears pinned back, which could also account for her prominent chin. Talk also seem to point to the possibility that her jockey... er... boyfriend, Spencer the Pratt, pushed her into the world of cosmetic alteration - not a good idea! Remember, Heidi: they call it self-esteem for a reason.

Rumor is that horse-whisperer Pratt may have, or is going to have calf implants to fix what Heidi calls his "chicken legs". Nice couple, huh? Now can anyone tell me why these two twits are famous?

(Link Source: Webster's Is My Bitch and Wicked Youth)

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