Monday, July 7, 2008

No Plastic For Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep Slams Aging Hollywood Headliners That Try To Escape Their Age With Plastic Surgery
The 59 year-old acting ledgend, Meryl Streep is reportedly baffeled by the number of women and increasing number of men that try to defy the ravages of time with a surgeon's scalpel. Streep insists that everyone should simply accept their age.

“You'd be amazed how many men in the industry have gone down that road, I don't get it,” said Streep. She added, "The good thing about getting older is that when they do cast you it's often something interesting - you're no longer asked to be the beautiful leading lady."

You might think with our pro-cosmetic surgery stance that we'd be averse to what Ms. Streep has to say, but as surprising as it may be, we couldn't agree more. She's 100% correct that plastic surgery is not a way to avoid aging. Cosmetic surgery is best used in a subtle way to redefine the body and smooth over some rough spots. Most of the plastic surgery nightmares you see are the results of the patient running from the passage of time. A fifty year-old can look fabulous, but when they try to look twenty, they'll just end-up looking scary.


Anonymous said...

Meryl Streep is beautiful, however it is hard to believe that she hasn't had "minimal" procedures done. Objectively, if one looks at her, there is no obvious "neck flap" or jowls, plus her face does seem rather sculpted. It is hard to believe that hasn't had anything done. Yet, perhaps it can be chalked up to good living, genes and being happy...

Emily BLunt said...

Meryl is the best i have actually gotten to work with her in The Devil Wears Prada

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