Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Do You Feel Look Lucky? Well, do ya?

The cosmetic surgery market is booming in pre-consumerist China. But the Chinese may have more than beauty on their minds. Many woman in Asia are opting for surgery to look beautiful and lucky.

A woman in one surgical parlor recently confided in a reporter that she wished to have her cheek bones made less prominent. She expressed that her wish was not because she thought her cheeks were unattractive, but because they are thought in China to bring her husband misfortune.

Another woman wished to have the spots removed from around her eyes and mouth. The spots around her eyes, she stated, were bad luck as a fortuneteller told her they were "tear drops" and that they foretold of great suffering in her future. The spots at her mouth, which were also to be removed, were prophesied by the elders of her village to be the stains of her greed and a warning of her squandering her family's fortune.

Chinese seeking beauty and luck through plastic surgery are a small, but growing minority. Chinese plastic surgeons report that the trend is growing increasingly more popular with businessmen (seeking the boost of a little extra luck), women aged 20 to 35 (looking for husbands) and graduate students (trying to make their mark on the world).

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