Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cosmetic Laser Technician: A Career In Fabulousity

Careers As Cosmetic Laser Technicians Are Hot
We've come a long way since little boys were shooting each other with imaginary lasers in the backyard (along with one certain type of girl), while little girls (and one certain type of boy) were inside singing to the laser-light shows with Gem.

Today, lasers are a big beauty business pulling in an estimated $8.5 billion annually. Despite the lagging economy, spending for non-invasive cosmetic procedures (such as those that utilize lasers) has actually increased. Including Botox, non-surgical cosmetic procedures performed in 2007 increased 773% from 1997.

"The reality is that people will always pay to look good. People are concerned about anti-aging. The customer is still finding a way to go out and spend those extra dollars to look good," said Louis Silberman, founder and president of National Laser Institute, a non-surgical medical aesthetic educator in Arizona.

A rising demand for non-invasive procedures, combined with an increasing jobless rate has more people looking for careers in the aesthetic cosmetic industry. Thousands of hopefuls want to tap into the industry, so many sign up for courses at Silberman's National Laser Institute in Scottsdale and Las Vegas. The institute is doing so well, it plans to open additional offices in Dallas, San Fransisco, Chicago, New York and Toronto.

For anywhere from $1,000 to $9,000, students can sign-up to be trained in the operation of lasers for a number of procedures, including: laser hair removal, intense pulse light photofacials, laser vein reduction, laser tattoo removal and several other procedures.

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