Monday, June 30, 2008

Greeting Cards For Plastic Surgery?

Roses are red,
violets are blue.
Mess-up my nose job,
you'd better believe I'll sue.

With over 12 million cosmetic procedures being performed last year, one businesswoman has decided to capitalize on the trend.

Camie Dunbar, a Texas-based entrepreneur, has created a line of greeting cards for people that want to celebrate a friend or family member's cosmetic procedure. Ms. Dunbar calls her creation Lift Me Up cards and they feature messages for surgeries such as breast implants (pictured above) celebrating the arrival of "the twins." Dunbar also sells a card focused on liposuction with the front of the card stating, "I thought we could sit around and chew the fat." Inside the card reads, "Since you just had liposuction, it's probably not a good idea."

Cosmetic procedures often mark the beginning of major life changes for the patient, so I think it's very appropriate that there be some celebration and congratulations involved. Isn't it a great idea to give a friend a laugh while they recover from surgery and prepare to use their new appearance as a launching pad to improve their lives? I think so.

Lift Me Up cards are available at several specialty boutiques and spas in North Texas, as well as on Dunbar's Lift Me Up Cards website.

Plastic Surgery Suggestions: Michael Lohan Should Have His Testicles Removed (And Donate Them To Michael Urie)

Michael Lohan Should Have His Testicles Removed
I'm going to (reluctantly) file this under Celebrity Plastic, though it makes me want to vomit to do so. Still, I have a suggestion that must be heard: we should (as a society) opt to have Michael Lohan's testicles removed.

Recently, there is some scuttlebutt going around about Michael, father to Lindsey Lohan, having fathered another child during a seperation from Dinah Lonhan thirteen years ago. That means there could be another fire crotch out there waiting to terrorize the world with drunken sluttiness - in addition to the Michael/Dinah hellspawn.

Someone please remove Michael's balls before he breeds the Antichrist.

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Male Patient Getting Botox Injections
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Denise Richardson Shares Her Experience Receiving A Cosmetic Procedure To Relieve Her Chronic Migraines With The BBC

Mommy Looks Like A Million Bucks, But She Only Spent $25,000

The Doctor Is Out - Dr. Jan Adams' Medical License Is Revoked

Jan Adams' Medical License Is Revoked
I’m filing this under News, because I don’t want anyone mistaking this guy for a celebrity.

The state of California has revoked Dr. Jan Adams' medical license for not paying back child support. The state will consider reinstating the license should he pay the entirety of what he owes. Missed child support payments are not the only misdeeds haunting this loser doctor: he’s been arrested three times under suspicion of DUI, has a string of malpractice claims to his name and has had his ethics, or lack there of, questioned on several occasions. Perhaps the most recent scandal involving the doctor is the death of Donda West, rapper Kayne West’s mother while undergoing cosmetic surgery under his care.

Personally, I say good riddance to bad rubbish. I think it’s about time Mr. Adams found another profession; one that welcomes deceit, shaky ethical standards and playing fast-and-loose with the lives and livelihoods of others. Perhaps a career in politics is in order.

Plastic Surgery Suggestions: Testicular Implants For Michael Urie

Michael Urie Needs Testicular Implants To Come Out
Michael Urie's foray into reality television hosting included a promo for Ms. America: Reality Check with a voice-over stating that he was, "one eligible bachelor." I think that's T.V. code for 'he takes it up the ass'.

Early in 2007, the actor was reported to be "openly gay" by a small GLBT news website. The website later published a retraction. Urie later said of the incident, "I'm only twenty-eight. I'm still young and trying to decide my sexuality for myself."

Look, I like Michael:

1. He's a cutie and I certainly wouldn't kick him out of bed.
2. He's very talented and funny.
3. He's from Plano and I gotta rep the Texas boys.

I'm not one to out people, Michael, but it's time we had some brave men and women stand up for who they are in Hollywood. If you're confused, then say so. If you've had relationships with men, then say so. I don't know you, so I would never be so presumptive as to place a hot pink 'Q' on your chest. For the record, I think you play for my team and there's nothing wrong with that. Gay means happy too.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Donatella Versace's Rarely-Seen Smile (Now We Know Why She Hardly Ever Does).

Donatella Versace's Overly Filled Lips And Too-Tight Face Lift
Donatella's had some serious lip augmentation. Too much filler has made the top lip less bow-like, forming a single piece of puffy skin. She also appears to be a closet Botoxer given the lack of movement and the shiny-smooth appearance of her skin. It also looks like she's had a much too tight face lift (or two). Donatella's just one more example of how too many procedures can leave you looking a bit odd.

You remember in the first Batman movie with Michael Keaton, when the Joker put "smiley" in all the cosmetics and everyone died with those horrible smiles on their faces? Well, it appears Donatella Versace thought it was a good look.

The Chinese Are Falling In Love With Plastic

Plastic Surgery Is On The Rise In China
More and more Chinese are flocking to the decadence of the Western world and opting for cosmetic procedures. Chinese government officials estimate that the Chinese people spent approximately 2.4 billion on cosmetic surgery last year alone. Many of these patients (primarily women) travel to Korea or Japan for their procedures.

Double eyelid surgery is, by far, the most common procedure requested by the Chinese plastic fans. Some opt for this look to emulate Western, or Caucasian features, though the surgery can be beneficial in enhancing vision for those who's eyelids are too narrow, which narrows their field of vision.

'Lift Magic': A Software Program That Can Predict What You Would Look Like After Plastic Surgery

Canada-based face visualization firm, Modiface has created a program called Lift Magic by which one may upload a digital photo and see what the results of any one of 14 cosmetic procedures on your face.

"The main benefit of the Lift Magic site is that it allows you to see a retouched version of your photo in literally seconds...It's easy, fun, and virtually effortless,” says Andrew Collins, a spokesperson for Modiface.

The program has also proved a hit as an application on Facebook.

Victoria Beckham's Implants Are Too Big For Her Frame

Victoria Beckham's Implants Are Too Big
Victoria Beckham has chosen an implant size much too big for her body; this drastically reduces the life of the implant, making it more suseptible to damage that may cause it to leak. An implant that is too large is visually obvious to spot due to the overly round beachball look. Not to mention that the more time Mrs. Beckham has the implants in, the more gravity will seperate them from her chest and cause pain, as well as the notorious boobie-dent.

I must say, it's no wonder Posh looks so miserable all the time - her back must be killing her!

Janet Jackson's Breast Implants Need to be Replaced

Janet Jackson's Implants Need To Be Replaced
A build-up of scar tissue underneath the implant is causing a dent between the chest and the implant, this could also be compounded by a loss of body fat from the time she first had the implants placed and the time this photo was taken.

I'm sorry, Ms. Jackson, I am for real - your right breast appears to be attempting to secede and form its own Rhythm Nation.


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Pink Is The New Blog Gets A Face Lift

Pink Is The New Blog Gets Its Own Domain
After first being published in 2005 on the Blogger platform, Pink Is The New Blog has moved to its new domain and changed its layout. If you find you want to relive the old site, Trent has thoughtfully kept it up here.

Congrats on the new site, Trent!

Donda West's Plastic Surgeon Is Arrested Under Suspicion of DUI

Jan Adams Is Arrested Under Suspicion Of DUI
Dr. Jan Adams, the doctor who operated on rapper Kanye West's mother before her death - thought to be caused by heart disease compounded by surgical complications - was arrested Thursday, June 26th under suspicion of driving under the influence with a suspended license. This is the third time the doctor has been arrested for a DUI and only the latest in a string of suspected wrong-doing by the doctor, including: allegations of botched boob jobs, lying about his credentials and several malpractice suits. In consideration of this latest arrest, the state of California is launching an investigation as to whether his medical license should be revoked or suspended.

With all the negative press and litany of indiscretions by the "good" doctor, one wonders how the man manages to keep any patients at all. Guess we now know who's sponsored by the $99.00 down, nobody's turned away plastic surgery finance plan advertised on less discriminating blogs.

Thoughts On Growing Old

I don't plan on growing old gracefully. It's not about plastic surgery. If plastic surgery is the question, the answer is yes. This is about attitude. People don't like me now, why should they like me just because I have hair growing out of my ears and my testicles knock against my knees? Still, I'm not as vain as some. I plan on leaving this world the same way I came into it: bald, toothless and in the arms of a scared-senseless twenty year-old.

Children's Book Explains Parent's Plastic Surgery

'My Beautiful Mommy' Children's Book

My Beautiful Mommy follows the fictional story of a mother who explains her "mommy makeover" (the marketing-friendly name for a tummy-tuck and breast augmentation, though the breast augmentation isn't mentioned in the book as the author felt it would confuse children) cosmetic procedure to her seven year-old daughter, telling her that mommy isn't having the surgery because she's sick, but because she wants to be even more beautiful.

It's probably a good tool to help young children understand why a parent would undergo cosmetic surgery without being physically hurt, but I still think you'll need a great deal of luck to explain your vaginal rejuvenation surgery.

I'm still waiting for the sequel to this book - My Beautiful Daddy (Gets Married to My Fabulously Wealthy Daddy in California). A boy can dream, right?

Friday, June 27, 2008

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May 9th, 2008

Shaun Industry Named #8 Local Scene Maker for SCENE Underground Magazine.

Scene Maker #8 - Shaun Industry

From SCENE Underground Magazine - May Edition, Written by Blaine Standon

Coming up at number eight on the local scene makers list is the ex-DJ/writer Shaun Industry. Shaun made a name for himself in the late nineties in Austin DJing for after parties, clubs and events under the name 'DJ Dirty Irish'. Unlike some other DJs in Austin that just played the radio edits of popular (and sometimes decades old) songs, Industry was known for playing new and unique music, mixing in his own industrial sounds and body beats, and introducing homegrown Austin bands to his audiences.

In 2004, Shaun dropped the old ‘Dirty Irish’ nickname and made less and less DJing gigs. “I was depressed,” says Industry. “After 9/11 and all the turmoil and sorrow the country felt, the end of a long-term relationship, and my predisposition to clinical depression I just didn’t have the strength for it any more,” says Shaun who was diagnosed in 2007 with Asperger’s syndrome: a form of autism spectrum disorder. Later in 2007, Shaun reinvented himself as the writer/humorist/blogger Shaun Industry.

So what’s Shaun Industry’s work like? Imagine the love child resulting from a debauched threesome of Chelsea Handler, Kathy Griffin, and Eddie Izzard. He’s known for his sharp one-liners, delivered with precise timing. He’s also infamous for his filthy mouth – “if variety is the spice of life, then ‘fuck’ is the paprika of a conversation,” quips Industry.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Shaun for four years and I still relate this tale of his acerbic wit: We were standing outside in a line to get into a club, surrounded by homeless bums, drunks and scensters when a lowrider drove by and stopped briefly to yell, “BITCH!” As the car accelerated off, a tipsy Shaun answered back, “HEY! Get back here and be more specific!” The crowd howled with laughter and Shaun got all the gang beyond the velvet rope with a free round of champagne as appreciation for his comments by the club’s owner.

Shaun is currently working on his novel, A Million Ways to be Cruel -the madcap adventures of ex-high school friends setting off to ruin their nemesis' wedding. The ever industrious Shaun Industry is also collaborating on a graphic novel (Lucid: Ragnarok), writing a memoir (Southern, Fried), and working on his own personal web log as well as building a host of others to discuss diverse topics from surviving the corporate lifestyle to advocating plastic surgery.

Shaun is also the mastermind behind SCENE's immensely popular catchline: 'SCENE and be seen'.

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