Monday, June 30, 2008

Greeting Cards For Plastic Surgery?

Roses are red,
violets are blue.
Mess-up my nose job,
you'd better believe I'll sue.

With over 12 million cosmetic procedures being performed last year, one businesswoman has decided to capitalize on the trend.

Camie Dunbar, a Texas-based entrepreneur, has created a line of greeting cards for people that want to celebrate a friend or family member's cosmetic procedure. Ms. Dunbar calls her creation Lift Me Up cards and they feature messages for surgeries such as breast implants (pictured above) celebrating the arrival of "the twins." Dunbar also sells a card focused on liposuction with the front of the card stating, "I thought we could sit around and chew the fat." Inside the card reads, "Since you just had liposuction, it's probably not a good idea."

Cosmetic procedures often mark the beginning of major life changes for the patient, so I think it's very appropriate that there be some celebration and congratulations involved. Isn't it a great idea to give a friend a laugh while they recover from surgery and prepare to use their new appearance as a launching pad to improve their lives? I think so.

Lift Me Up cards are available at several specialty boutiques and spas in North Texas, as well as on Dunbar's Lift Me Up Cards website.

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