Sunday, June 29, 2008

Celebrity Plastic

This page links to all SFP's celebrity plastic posts concerning celebs, their cosmetic procedures (or alleged procedures) and their thoughts on plastic surgery. Please click one of the links below. All links are in reverse chronological order with the oldest being at the top of the list and the newest at the bottom.

Janet Jackson's Implants Need To Be Removed

Victoria Beckham's Implants Are Too Big For Her Frame

Donatella's Rarely Seen Smile

Plastic Surgery Suggestions: Testicular Implants For Michael Urie

Plastic Surgery Suggestions: Michael Lohan Should Have His Testicles Removed

Plastic Surgery Suggestions: Personality Transplant For Ann Coulter

Has Mr. Ashlee Simpson Had Plastic Surgery?

Is Anderson Cooper Sweet On Plastic?

Can The Elder McCain Hope To Beat Youthful Barack Obama Without Plastic Surgery?

Brigitte Nielsen Does Germany - Plastic-Style, That Is...

Proof Positive That Michael Jackson's Plastic Surgeon Is Insane

"Mouth" Goes Plastic

No Plastic For Meryl Streep

Will Snape Have A 'Wand Lift'?

Heidi Klum Says, 'I'm Sorry Plastic, You're Out'

No Nip/Tuck for Knots Star, Donna Mills

Methinks The Ladies Doth Protest Too Much: Celebrities Bashing Botox May Be Hiding Their Own Plastic

Nielsen Does Germany - Plastic Surgery-Style (Part II)

Is Meryl Streep's Anti-Plastic Surgery Stance Hypocritical?

Jade Goody (Brit Reality TV "Star") Goes Under The Knife Again

Is Cindy McCain's Frozen Face Due To Botox?

'Shear Genius' Judges May Be Fans Of Other Sharp Implements As Well

Madonna's Brother Says She's Had The Face Lift She Denies

Star Of Dexter, Jaime Murray, Is Afraid Of Knives

Sarah-Jessica Parker's Been Molenapped!

Did Project Runway Cast An Oompa Loompa For Season 5?

Does Cindy McCain Have Breast Implants?

Kim Cattrall Joins The Botox-Bashers, Again

Did Kevin James' Career Advance With His Hairline?

Bollywood Actor, Harman Baweja May Have Had Plastic Surgery To Look Like Hirthik Roshan

It Might Be Time For Jude Law To Visit A Hair Transplantation Surgeon

Brigitte Nielsen Reveals The Results Of Her German Plastic Surgery Odyssey

Plastic Surgery Suggestions: A Full Body Transplant For Perez Hilton

Koena Mitra Cops To Her Failed Nose Job, But Nothing Else

Madonna And Madame: Separated At Birth

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