Monday, June 30, 2008

Plastic Surgery Suggestions: Michael Lohan Should Have His Testicles Removed (And Donate Them To Michael Urie)

Michael Lohan Should Have His Testicles Removed
I'm going to (reluctantly) file this under Celebrity Plastic, though it makes me want to vomit to do so. Still, I have a suggestion that must be heard: we should (as a society) opt to have Michael Lohan's testicles removed.

Recently, there is some scuttlebutt going around about Michael, father to Lindsey Lohan, having fathered another child during a seperation from Dinah Lonhan thirteen years ago. That means there could be another fire crotch out there waiting to terrorize the world with drunken sluttiness - in addition to the Michael/Dinah hellspawn.

Someone please remove Michael's balls before he breeds the Antichrist.

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