Sunday, June 29, 2008

Donatella Versace's Rarely-Seen Smile (Now We Know Why She Hardly Ever Does).

Donatella Versace's Overly Filled Lips And Too-Tight Face Lift
Donatella's had some serious lip augmentation. Too much filler has made the top lip less bow-like, forming a single piece of puffy skin. She also appears to be a closet Botoxer given the lack of movement and the shiny-smooth appearance of her skin. It also looks like she's had a much too tight face lift (or two). Donatella's just one more example of how too many procedures can leave you looking a bit odd.

You remember in the first Batman movie with Michael Keaton, when the Joker put "smiley" in all the cosmetics and everyone died with those horrible smiles on their faces? Well, it appears Donatella Versace thought it was a good look.

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