Monday, June 30, 2008

Plastic Surgery Suggestions: Testicular Implants For Michael Urie

Michael Urie Needs Testicular Implants To Come Out
Michael Urie's foray into reality television hosting included a promo for Ms. America: Reality Check with a voice-over stating that he was, "one eligible bachelor." I think that's T.V. code for 'he takes it up the ass'.

Early in 2007, the actor was reported to be "openly gay" by a small GLBT news website. The website later published a retraction. Urie later said of the incident, "I'm only twenty-eight. I'm still young and trying to decide my sexuality for myself."

Look, I like Michael:

1. He's a cutie and I certainly wouldn't kick him out of bed.
2. He's very talented and funny.
3. He's from Plano and I gotta rep the Texas boys.

I'm not one to out people, Michael, but it's time we had some brave men and women stand up for who they are in Hollywood. If you're confused, then say so. If you've had relationships with men, then say so. I don't know you, so I would never be so presumptive as to place a hot pink 'Q' on your chest. For the record, I think you play for my team and there's nothing wrong with that. Gay means happy too.

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