Saturday, June 28, 2008

Donda West's Plastic Surgeon Is Arrested Under Suspicion of DUI

Jan Adams Is Arrested Under Suspicion Of DUI
Dr. Jan Adams, the doctor who operated on rapper Kanye West's mother before her death - thought to be caused by heart disease compounded by surgical complications - was arrested Thursday, June 26th under suspicion of driving under the influence with a suspended license. This is the third time the doctor has been arrested for a DUI and only the latest in a string of suspected wrong-doing by the doctor, including: allegations of botched boob jobs, lying about his credentials and several malpractice suits. In consideration of this latest arrest, the state of California is launching an investigation as to whether his medical license should be revoked or suspended.

With all the negative press and litany of indiscretions by the "good" doctor, one wonders how the man manages to keep any patients at all. Guess we now know who's sponsored by the $99.00 down, nobody's turned away plastic surgery finance plan advertised on less discriminating blogs.

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