Monday, July 28, 2008

Perhaps The Stupidest Tattoo Possible: Eyeball Tattooing

Be warned: this video is graphic.

He who controls the drugs, controls the flow of REALLY bad ideas.

It's not exactly new - the procedure's been done since around the turn of the century to correct certain forms of blindness. It's basically sticking a syringe full of tattoo ink mixed with antibiotic eyewash into one's eye and pumping the whites full of said ink.

This gentleman, calling himself Pauly Unstoppable (Highly Unstable, more like it), decided to be the first to have the procedure performed for completely aesthetic purposes - he wanted to look more like a jackass, from what I gather. The tattoo artist - NOT a qualified ophthalmologist - performed over 40 "strikes" (needle pricks) to fill the white part of Pauly's eyes with blue ink.

The procedure is completely irreversible and there's a high likelihood of it causing permanent blindness. There's also a 100% chance that you'll never get a respectable job after such a procedure and will, instead, continue to smoke massive amounts of pot in your parent's basement for the rest of you life.

This leads me to an important question: how intoxicated must one be before this seems like a good idea. Remind me never to get drunk near a tattoo parlor that offers this "procedure."

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