Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Pamela Anderson's Breasts Are 'At Risk Of Caving In', Claims Plastic Surgeon

Plastic Surgeon Says Pamela Anderson's Breasts May 'Cave In'
Plastic surgeon Alex Karidis claims that Pamela Anderson's surgically enhanced breasts "may be at risk of caving in."

Anderson, 41, has had four breast augmentation surgeries so far; the first was in the eighties and the second was to remove them. The natural look didn't last long, as the blonde beauty had them replaced with larger implants and even had them further enhanced in 2005.

This isn't the first time SFP has reported on the repercussions of poorly planned or executed breast enhancement that is being faced by some female stars - Janet Jackson and Vivica A. Fox both have a build up of scar tissue causing denting in their breasts and Victoria Beckham has chosen implants far too large for her frame which is why the outline of the implant is becoming more evident as her implants age.

Planning about the lifetime of the implants and whether or not they will ever be permanently removed should be discussed with your plastic surgeon, or you may end-up facing the same problems as Janet, Vivica, or Victoria. Worse, you might land in Pam's shoes... According to Dr. Karidis, she's already had too many surgeries on her chest.

"Another boob job won’t help. Cutting away scar tissue from previous jobs will only make their appearance worse long term," says the doctor.

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