Monday, September 22, 2008

Adderall Eyes All The Rage In Hollywood

If you shake a starlet on Sunset Strip, you should expect their eyes to jump around in all different directions, as if drawn on with an Etch-A-Sketch. Inevitably, one will get stuck to the bottom of the lens and roll around, useless at the rim. It's either a problem with blood pressure, or Adderall is making a comeback. Hey, at least these gals can follow a light with only one eye - does that mean they can only be half hypnotized?

The Sex and the City girls debuted their Adderall eyes at the DVD release party for some movie or another and, of course, no one can escape Audrina Patridge's crazy eyes - see how it's almost like their following your every move? I think she may have an extra chromosome or something.

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