Monday, September 15, 2008

Lehman Bros Clogs The Toliet As It's Flushed

In the latest inept game of Wall Street Monopoly, Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy after landing on Park Place upon which the Fed had placed a hotel. Lehman Bros agreed to go to jail, directly to jail, did not to pass 'go' and did not collect $200. The banker later repossessed all four of it's houses, the waterworks and two rail roads. It's not all doom and gloom, however, as we hear that the Bros have recently been asked to judge a beauty pageant.

Perhaps their failure will compel the rest of the financial world not spend money like it's multi-colored strips of paper with trains printed on the back. Although, the way this administration runs our national economy, we may all be rolling dice to decided who has to butcher the family pet so we can eat for the night. Hmmm... I seem to remember President Shrub saying something about his support for pouring workers' retirement funds into the stock market (I'll take 1000 shares of Lehman Brothers, I feel a cold coming on and I'll need to wipe my nose.) Yeah, that's almost as great an idea as following antiquated "trickle down" economy theories that form the basis of the Bush administration's economic polices - despite the fact that they were a disaster in the eighties - and have caused a deep, almost insurmountable gulf between the have and havenots in this country. Great job, President Dipshit!

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