Friday, September 12, 2008

Cho (Hot) Mama

I'm a huge Margaret Cho fan - actually, I'm a 175-pound Margaret Cho fan, but I'm still capable of kicking a few asses and taking down names. I've been to every show - including the small comedy club bookings - she's done in Austin and even caught a few gigs she's done while I was on vacation in Seattle and New York.

Once, I sat in the second row at the Bad Dog Comedy Club (at the cursed location in Austin that has been remodeled five times for five new businesses and it always failed)! A cute guy looked out at the rest of the crowd and pointed me out to his friends that night. Then, during the show, I swear that Margaret gave me the eye. Margaret, if you remember me (and why wouldn't you), I was the devilishly handsome young man in a tight white structure sweater. Call me!

During the show we caught in Seattle, Margaret filled her comedy with her always hysterical and socially accepting message of understanding and personal fulfillment. I couldn't stop laughing and agreeing with her. Then, she was speaking about how unaccepting gay men can be of differing body types and she said, truthfully, that some men make you believe that "it's no pecs, no sex." I turned to my boyfriend and said, "you know, that's so true. It's great that she... wait a minute! Did that bitch just point at me when she said that? Oh, it's on girl!"

I've long since forgiven Margaret for that moment. I have even overlooked her hugging that thieving pit-stain Perez Hilton. Let's face it, I can't hold anything against Margaret. She could hug Hitler and I'd be miffed for about 20 seconds at most. There's just no staying mad at her.

Her new show, The Cho Show on VH1, is equally gut-busting as her tours and I tune in religiously. I'm so glad that VH1 put it on the Thursday night line-up, because I had nothing to watch on Thursdays with My Life on the 'D' List finished for the season. I think The Cho Show should be changed to an hour-long format; then we could invite Margaret and her extended family into our homes for an hour every week!

Because of my love of Margaret, I have decided to ask her to be my running mate in my bid to be Hurricane in 2009. Hurricane Shaun Industry/Tropical Storm Margaret Cho 2009. Please accept Margaret! Let's break the glass stratosphere!

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Beej the Pink Sheep said...

I love her too. However, I think a lot of people don't get her (same problem with Kathy Griffin). Loved by some, hated by many.

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