Sunday, September 21, 2008

Out of Afrika

American Apparel isn't exactly the classiest clothing company. Mostly, it's a store full of Fruit of the Loom knockoffs in bright colors that are supposed to pass for clothing. They also have a penchant for hiring models straight from seventies porn. But hey, they're hip cause they're on the Internet, right?

Consider this: you rarely see anyone of color in their ads, and when you do its always one with homosexual subtext. What exactly are they saying here? It's okay to be gay if you're a mine-or-itay? I wonder if they're like Aberzombie and make all minorities work in the stockroom where no one can see them.

It seems that, with their new tasteless line, they've gone way too far. The line is called "Afrika" - it's either supposed to appeal to Wisconsin hookers, or people that can't spell, possibly both. What ever it is, their model looks like she's impersonating Kelly Bundy after raiding Peggy's wardrobe.

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