Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hell Hath No Anti-Freeze

Rumor is that Joel Madden (the crappy Good Charlotte twin, not the shoe guy) and Nichole Richie (the crappy adopted daughter of the Caribbean Queen guy, not the sister of the deaf guy on JDMA) are having major problems. Nichole is reported to have packed her things and taken little Harley Quinn to her mom's place.

Joel and Nichole, que passo? Were you unable to coordinate your Mensa meetings? Did Joel take too much time murdering music to make sure you weren't eating, Nichole? Has Harlow put on weight? Can you no longer share her wardrobe, Nikie?

That's it people! If these to well-adjusted, straight-laced pillars of our community can't make it I guess nobody can. Le sigh...

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