Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I Think Her Eyes Really Are Bigger Than Her Stomach

Wide eyes are all the rage through Asia. Asian double blepharoplasty has become unbelievably popular recently in places like China, Korea, and Thailand. While some have the surgery to increase their field of vision and to be able to better open and close their eyes, almost certainly (unfortunate as it maybe) many are being influenced by the Westerners and are seeking to look more like them.

Big, round eyes are also en vogue in Japan; however, their culture may have more influence over this new trend than other Asian nations. It seems that the anime culture of Japan with its buxom, multicolor haired heroines, has inspired Japanese women to aspire to an increasingly cartoonish standard of beauty. To aide them, several companies like Geo and Dueba have begun making extra-wide contact lenses that make the iris appear both different in color and larger.

Many stories revolving around these contacts and their growing popularity have stated that it's impossible to get wider eyes with cosmetic surgery. This is not necessarily true. In fact, the woman above has obviously had a severe double blepharoplasty which has greatly increased the curvature of the eye sockets and almost completely removed any loose skin around the eyes to make them appear larger. It is true, however, that there's not yet any surgery that can increase the size of the iris.

Hey, at least these women are trying to look like anime characters, unlike Miles Kendall who just happened to end-up looking like Squall from FF VIII. On the plus side, I'm guessing larger eyes would make your forehead (or fivehead) look smaller. Maybe Tyra Banks should looking into getting a pair.

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Beej the Pink Sheep said...

I can totally see this trend hitting U.S. college campuses over the next decade.
I blame not only Japanese cartoons but also Bratz and all the crazy toys that have buggy eyes and no noses.

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