Monday, September 1, 2008

Marketing Genius Strikes Again

I once had a Marketing professor tell me that 85% of all ad campaigns are completely ineffectual. We live in a capitalist, consumerist wet dream full of ineffective advertisements that have trained us to pay no attention. In order for a campaign to be effective, it must break through the noise created by the other, failed ads called "the static."

It's no wonder that so many ad execs stumble in their directive, with ads like those I have spotted recently both online and off. And here's another for the 'Hall of Shame': claims they'll help you speed up your computer, for a fairly large monthly fee. I, and several other computer users on the net can assure you that there's nothing that this website can do that you cannot get for a lower cost or completely free. What's more, it's commercial is so bad that it's laughable. It's fairly obvious that they're attempting to prey upon those that have very little knowledge of computers. How do I know this? Because their service, as you can see on the disclaimer running with their commercial, only works on PCs and yet they show users of both the Mac iBook and the Apple G5 desktop using the website to "speed up" their computers.

If you examine the clip under which the disclaimer is running, the user is (ironically) typing on an Apple keyboard at a G5 Apple desktop. They even Photoshoped in a "blue screen of death" error message for the user of the iBook. For those of you that don't know, and aren't rolling on the floor laughing by now, the Mac OS has never featured those error messages - they've even been eliminated from Windows Vista. Now, both operating systems merely freeze permanently instead of crashing altogether.

I think some ad execs need to head back to college!

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