Monday, September 8, 2008

Lost Jonas Siblings Revealed!

Millions of dollars are made from the Jonas Brothers and their merchandise worldwide and no one would want to stop the gravy train of rainbow stickered, pony earmarked money from rabid and brace-faced thirteen year-old girls (and a few effeminate boys with incestuous fantasies) from coming down the tracks and making it a (very) gay Christmas. But what if something awful were to happen to the real brothers? Fear not, Jonatics, for I have gotten permission to reveal to you the lost Jonas siblings: Latoya Jonas, Sarah-Jessica Jonas, and who could forget Batboy Jonas?

Now, keep in mind they're all adopted, so we had to settle for a bunch that just happened to look alike. Still, I think you'll agree that they'll have teenage girls giddy with anticipation of their sold-out shows all over the nation as they prepare to take the place of their siblings, should a "Code Hot Pink" emergency ever come to pass.


Jessica P. Wallin said...

Wow, Rumer fits right in!

Shaun Industry said...

I think Batboy will do nicely as well. I mean, he must have a lovely singing voice!

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