Monday, September 8, 2008

"The Hills" Are Alive With The Sound Of Stupid

Alcohol not killing off those pesky brain cells fast enough? Want to write about boring, vapid things like shoes and haircare products that only other boring, vapid, potential mentally ill/challenged people will read? You may be in luck. MTV is looking for The Hills' Super #1 Fan Blogger, TOTALLY AWESOME! LOLZ! To be head empty-headed bimbo blogger at their site!

There are just a few rules:

1. Don't be fugly - we want a picture to prove why anyone should care about your opinion.

2. Don't be gay - this is The Hills, not West Hollywood.

3. Don't be a Democrat - LC and Heidi are totes repin' Repubs, dog!

4. Don't be educated and misspell words for totes CU2 and kewl consequences, yo!

I think I'm going to apply for this! Give me a minute, I need to go hit myself in the head with a claw hammer a few times.

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